ADvocate, a community for ad tech professionals, launches in Denver

Denver's Epiphany Ai has partnered with Innovation Pavilion and The Trade Desk to launch ADvocate, a new collaborative community focused on advertising technology and entrepreneurs. The new venture is aimed at cementing Colorado at the forefront of ad tech and addressing industry challenges today and tomorrow.

To help kick off the new venture Epiphany Ai is hosting a party at its headquarters in Denver on March 16. "We call out to other ad tech companies to join us on our quest of making Colorado the best ad tech [state] in the world," says Epiphany Ai CEO Joe Salvador. "We have the talent and the tech at our fingertips -- now it's time to work together to make it happen."

"We started ADvocate with Innovation Pavilion not only to focus on the current success and growth of the ad tech industry, but to help Colorado secure a position as an international leader in ad tech," Brian Allen, Epiphany Ai's chief technology officer asserts. "It's imperative that we educate the younger generation about this industry and what is required to be a successful ad tech professional. We believe the knowledge required for this emerging industry can only be passed on through an apprentice relationship -- learning alongside the industry professionals."

Already ADvocate is spawning new programs. ADprentice is aimed at helping to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs in the ad tech space and is focused on students. In addition, The Trade Desk is launching the ADventure accelerator in collaboration with ADvocate. Touted as the first ad tech accelerator in the country, ADventure will help advance second-stage ad tech companies around the world.

"We are thrilled with the opportunity to share our experiences with Colorado ad tech community," said Mike Davis, VP of Innovation at The Trade Desk. Davis is a founding board member of ADvocate. "Collaboration and innovation are two major keys to The Trade Desk's success, and it's a privilege to be able to pay that forward to the next generation of ad tech leaders."

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