Duby cannabis app gains more than 1,000 downloads first week

There's no doubt that cannabis is becoming more popular everyday. This means entrepreneurs are reaching out to engage this community of enthusiasts in new ways. Case in point: Duby, a new app that launched on Apple's App Store this week.

How popular is pot? Well, the app has already seen more than 1,000 downloads this week despite no advertising.

"Cannabis is one of the top themes on social media, yet most social media outlets restrict marijuana-related posts. Duby is a viral social network that allows the cannabis community to discover the latest marijuana trends and conversations," says Duby co-founder Alec Rochford.

The app, made by Art District on Santa Fe-based developers, is designed to allow users to post messages, pictures and videos anonymously but also allows them to track how far their post goes. To use the company's parlance, users can pass a Duby on or put it out.

The app also is location-based, which does two things, ensures the app is only used in places where medical or recreational marijuana is legal and let users see where their Dubys are lighting up, so to speak. "The concept is not to collect friends, but to increase your influence by posting content that is passed around among users," the company touts.

The creators also said that privacy is paramount to the app. "Users are ensured complete anonymity through the use of location obfuscation, input sanitation, explicit protection of personally identifiable information and the inability to privately message other users," the company says.

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