RiNo's Denver Data & Web hiring Drupal developer

After leaving a corporate IT job, Tom DeGerlia founded Denver Data & Web in 1998.

The company almost immediately "picked up quite a bit of steam" with aerospace clients like Boeing and Jeppesen, he says.

Then came the dot-bomb of 2001. "It was a big hit," says DeGerlia. "Everybody I considered to be a competitor pretty much vanished off of the face of the earth."

But not Denver Data & Web. The fact the company that was focused on services and not in hock to venture capitalists helped it survive, he says.

The company has moved from software development and data conversion to web and mobile app development in the time since, and today is more industry-agnostic than it was in the aerospace-heavy early days. Current Denver-based clients include the Business Enterprise Institute and Qualmark.

Now eight employees, Denver Data & Web is currently looking to bring Drupal development in-house. "We don't want to be outsourcing anymore," he says.

The company moved from the Highlands to Baker in 2008, and has been based at TAXI in RiNo since 2011. "I'm always one step ahead of the next up-and-coming neighborhood," laughs DeGerlia.

So where is the next hot 'hood in Denver? "We'll see -- we've still got a year left on our lease," he says.

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