"Debugging the Developer Shortage" offers informal IT job fair

With Denver and Boulder suffering from a shortage of IT workers, Girl Develop It (GDI), Turing, and The Dialog Lab are hosting "Debugging the Developer Shortage," a networking event and informal job fair, on Aug. 3 at RiNo's Green Spaces aimed at filling some of those empty positions.

"The event is open to any and all developers, but helping women find tech jobs is definitely close to our hearts," says Alena Bowen, a spokesperson with The Dialog Lab. "Organizations are actively seeking to build more diverse engineering teams, and orgs like GDI are helping women gain the skill sets they need to succeed in developer roles -- this event will connect the dots," she adds.

ReadyTalk is one of the event's sponsors. "We plan to have eight to 10 companies at the event," says Bowen. "Alteryx, GoSpotCheck, SendGrid and Rachio are currently confirmed attendees." In addition, more than 70 people have signed up to attend the event already and the organizers expect about 100 to attend.

"The event came out of a conversation between The Dialog Lab and Girl Develop It," Bowen says. "We work closely with tech companies who are struggling to keep up with the demand for great developers. GDI is incredibly successful at training developers, but doesn't provide direct support for finding jobs. We thought it would be fun and impactful to bring the two groups together. Turing was excited about the event when they heard about it, so joined in as well."

Companies attending the event will send their engineers and human resources people -- who won't be collecting resumes, just meeting and talking with potential hires.

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