Craftsman & Apprentice crowdfunding workshop expansion

Craftsman & Apprentice, a maker workshop that launched in 2014, is seeking to expand into a new space via Kickstarter.

The new space would allow it to create a retail co-op for crafts and wares made by its makers and workshop leaders and separate production and workshop space. It would allow the startup to purchase more tools, create a production space and host different types of events, like live music.

The space began as a place where husband and wife Jonathan Fessler and Delanie Holton-Fessler could work and host the occasional wooden-bow workshop and market. Now it hosts workshops where adults can learn about everything from making a better pie crust to carving a wooden spoon, hosting drop-in workshops and Saturday kid workshops, where kids can get supervised, hands-on experience learning and tinkering with wood, scraps, cardboard and tools like hammers and drills.

Now the owners are looking to expand the concept to have dedicated maker spaces as well as a dedicated retail space with gallery and learning spaces. To achieve that they’re looking to Kickstarter to expand into a storefront two doors down their current space, where workshops can be louder. The expansion also would support purchasing a kiln and more tools, as well as a scholarship program to help more kids learn about making.

Some of the rewards for investing are pretty unique, including getting your sidewalk shoveled by Jon -- in the neighborhood -- for $20. Others include workshops for kids (like tinker time and bow-and-arrow carving) and adults (including fermentation classes, woodworking with reclaimed wood and pie crust mastery).

The Kickstarter campaign runs through Dec. 7.

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