Cabal opens innovative 3D art show

A charcoal-hued gun looms overhead, popping off the paper as its lower corners flutter on a slight breeze. It's surrounded by plethora of other 3D posters evoking R. Crumb, psychedelia and more menacing imagery on the walls of South Broadway's Cabal Enterprises.

The posters debuted Friday the 13th when Cabal unveiled Mutiny 3D featuring 36 artists from around the world. The unique and trippy show was curated by Denver-artist Adam Stone who solicited works from internationally renowned artists as far away as Japan, Lithuania and Bulgaria.

Stone took the mono-dimensional works of art from the artists and painstakingly rendered them into red-cyan three-dimensional artworks using a computer. "I actually cut each individual piece in the artwork out, move it then paint the depth onto each piece, then render it in red and cyan," he says. It's a painstaking process and one drawing could consist of as many as 5,000 layers of tiny clippings rearranged to create the three-dimensional effect by the time he finished it.

Of all the artists in the exhibition only one, David 2000, actually rendered his contributions in three dimensions. "He has a beautiful 3D book," Stone says.

A few of the other artists had worked in 3D before, according to Stone. They made it easier for him by providing images with layers so he didn't have to do that particular work. But he estimates that converting one of the most intricate drawings to 3D probably took him five to six days.

The show at the Cabal gallery at 1875 S. Broadway is worth a peek and will be up through the end of the month. Stone and Cabal are also publishing 100 copies of a limited-edition book with all of the drawings in it. The book comes with 3D glasses.

Stone's staying busy beyond the gallery. Two of the artists from France, Sam Rictus and Nils Bertho, are working with Stone and volunteers on a giant mural project at Buntport Theater called Chainmail. They'll kick off that event on Sat. Feb. 21.

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