Art Gym prints it out with new workspace

Montclair's Art Gym, a place for Denver's artists to flex their artistic muscles by working with and around fellow artists, has introduced a printmaking workspace. The workspace will allow the Art Gym's members to make prints and other pieces of artwork that use what can be very expensive -- albeit infrequently used -- tools.

Art Gym has now opened 3,000 square feet dedicated to printmaking. Members, who pay $100 a month to access the facility for a variety of art forms, can use the tools available in the print shop to silk screen, makes prints and more.

The Art Gym is holding a gallery show, Print & Process, Possibilities in Print, to celebrate its new focus area and showcase how several generations of regional artists have used printmaking tools to make pieces art. The show will include traditional prints, printed sculpture, book art and installation pieces.

The Art Gym has purchased printmaking tools, including presses, from artists including Clinton Cline, Barb Hale and the late E.C. Cunningham. Other artists exhibiting at the show include Theresa Haberkorn, Alicia Bailey, Jennifer Ghormley and Justin Maes.

The show, which opened Aug. 6, will run through Sept. 12., will feature works of art from the artists whose tools were purchased. In addition, the communal artist space will hold an artist demo on Aug. 15 with Mark Lunning and an artist discussion with Johanna Mueller.

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