Alchemy Strategy Group uses visual mapping to spur organizational success

Alchemy Strategy Group has launched in Denver to help companies up their game with visual mapping and other tools. The consulting firm likens its services to success insurance.

"Healthcare, government, nonprofit and private-sectors deal with complex problems and challenges every day, and it's harder and harder for them to prioritize -- especially as they are asked to do more with less," says CEO Lois Todd. She explains using stories and maps to communicate a business plan can make it easier to explain the strategy than normal business plans. "People need maps to understand where they are going, so why not 'strategic maps' for businesses?"

The visual mapping service offers companies a different way to encapsulate their growth plans and strategies internally and to clients and investors. "We find that organizations are searching for more meaningful and creative way to articulate their vision and strategies, and we never lose sight of the importance of aligning and connecting people," explains Todd. "Visuals, as well as the metaphors we use to assist in telling a company's story, cause an emotional connection to a company's reason for being -- and that translates into higher employee engagement and productivity, because people are psyched to work at a place that knows where they are going and has a plan to get there."

Clients include the State of Colorado, the City and County of Denver, Children's Hospital, Galvanize and Kaiser Permanente Colorado.

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