Denver's 3D Printing Store partners with TurboRoo to print Pawsthetics for animals

The use of 3D printing is revolutionizing prosthetics. The variety of solutions that 3D printing can create is almost as endless as the variety of injuries or deformities that exist.

So why not take that technology and offer the same to animals that are disabled or at risk? That's what The 3D Printing Store is doing through a partnership with TurboRoo. They have launched a Pawsthetics Indiegogo campaign to support more work in creating prosthetics for animals.

It began with TurboRoo last year when The 3D Printing Store designed and printed a new cart for Turbo, a chihuahua born without front legs. Since then, the company and organization have designed and printed prosthetics for other animals in need like Cleopatra, a tortoise whose shell was damaged. "The cover enables Cleopatra to socialize with her tortoise friends again, as well as prevent bacteria from getting inside her shell," The 3D Printing Store explains in a release.

Boris, another tortoise, lost an eye and half of his face in a battle with a larger tortoise. A team of volunteers, including Dr. Bill Guerrerato of Broomfield Veterinary Clinic and Can Van Le at Art of Gold Jewelry, created a working silver jaw that enabled Boris, to eat again on his own. Silver has antibacterial properties that make it an ideal long-term replacement for the tortoise's beak.

"We continue to receive requests to help other animals living in discomfort due to mobility issues," says The 3D Printing Store. "It is heartbreaking to turn down these requests due to funding issues. Our dream is to create the Pawsthetics charity to enable many more amazing animals lead happier, more independent lives through 3D Printed prosthetics."

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