New Year's Resolution Creates Space for Female Entrepreneurs

With the new year comes a new meetup group designed to educate, empower and support female entrepreneurs. 
One of the many reasons we love entrepreneurs is that when they want to do something, they do it. 

On Dec. 31, 2012, Lizelle van Vuuren, founder and CEO of EmSpot and Jon Rossi of Startup Weekend, made a resolution that we imagine went a little something like this:

“Let’s start a group that will help empower female entrepreneurs.”


A few days later and the two founded DenverStartup Female Entrepreneurs, which is designed to do what Startup Denver Grind, Denver Founder’s Network and other similar groups have done with a gender twist. 

“We want to give women who may just want to come learn or feel more empowered by other successful women a place to crawl out of their shells in 2013,” van Vuuren says.

The first meetup is at 6 p.m. Jan. 22, at Thrive Workplace Solutions. After the first meetup, van Vuuren and Rossi plan to invite guest speakers that will address challenges or highlight successes of female entrepreneurs in the area. 

“We really want to engage and kick off a fun startup Denver women’s eco system,” van Vuuren says. “It’s important that women in the area (Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs) get a little bit of a platform where they can be surrounded by other women.”

For more info, contact van Vuuren or Rossi on Twitter @lizellevv or @jonrossi.

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Ivy Hughes is a Colorado native and coffee shop junkie. Contact her here.
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