Voice of Denver: Navigating the City's Coworking Scene

Thrive Workplace's Jessica Kutz offers a cheat sheet on Denver's coworking spots, from Cluster Studios to Galvanize.
From CEOs to freelancers, coworking facilities are rapidly becoming the workspaces of choice. Cubicles are being traded in for desks in open spaces, and pajamas are being forfeited for more fortuitous laptop setups where productivity is bound to rub off. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, coworking is best defined as a shared workspace inhabited by varying degrees of small business owners and entrepreneurs. The concept had its beginnings in a humble hackerspace in Berlin in 1995 and, after much success, trickled into the United States via San Francisco. 

About five years ago, just as Denver's startup community was hitting its stride, coworking was the obvious choice when it came to providing affordable office space to bootstrapped entrepreneurs. 

This office space revolution is here to stay. For those needing an introduction, here are some of the coolest spaces in Denver to get your work Zen flowing. 

For the Sophisticated Professional

Thrive Workplace / 201 Milwaukee St., Suite #200, in Cherry Creek, and 1835 Blake St. in LoDo

Thrive Workplace has managed to blend the sophisticated with the modern. With its open layout, exposed ceilings and welcoming front lobby this workspace provides a relaxed work atmosphere but is still sleek enough to invite clients over for a coffee. The Cherry Creek location is equipped with a large training room perfect to conduct workshops and training sessions. The tenants range from business professionals, to creatives and everything in between, making it a very conducive place to make connections. 

Workspace Options:
  • Mobile membership: $175-$350 monthly
  • Desk: $450 monthly
  • Private Office: request pricing
Why Thrive?
  • Free membership to Boulder Digital Arts: including member discounts to all BDA workshops and day use at their Boulder coworking space
  • Great networking space with access to professionals with diverse backgrounds
  • Free beer and Ink! Coffee
Shift Workspaces / 383 Corona St. in Alamo Placita

Shift Workspace provides a variety of workspace options and flexibility, making it a great place for those looking for a more businesslike feel but with the amenities of a coworking space. Located near Cherry Creek, this space is a little more private in terms of the desks and office space, yet still provides an open workspace for mobile users. This location just expanded, and two more Shift Workspaces are in the works for the Golden Triangle and Uptown.

Workspace Options
  • Mobile membership: ranges from $179-$229 monthly    
  • Desk: $399 monthly
  • Office: $599-$2449 monthly
Why Shift?
  • Yoga classes and fitness center on site
Modworks / 110 16th St., Suite 1300, in the Central Business District

Targeting the modern professional, Modworks is one of the newest coworking spaces to open downtown. It is unique, as it occupies a traditional high-rise office building -- complete with stellar views of the mountains providing a sense of Denver professionalism. Although new to the game, Modworks is already proving that it has all the amenities needed for a downtown professional, including unlimited use of conference rooms and discounts for local services. 

Workspace Options:
  • Hot Seat: $195 monthly
  • Dedicated Desk: $495 monthly
  • Office: starting at $1000 monthly
Why Modworks?
  • Access to the Modlist and discounts to local businesses and services
  • High-rise with a coworking atmosphere
For the Techies

Galvanize / 1062 Delaware St. in the Golden Triangle

For those seeking the ultimate tech start-up scene Galvanize will make your heart flutter as fast as a web developer can code. Self described as the place for high-tech leaders and digital startups Galvanize has entrenched itself in everything the word "startup" evokes. Galvanize houses gSchool a school for developers, Galvanize Ventures (a seed-stage VC fund), and has expanded to three locations in Denver, Boulder and San Francisco -- and soon to be four, once the Central Platte Valley location opens in early 2015. 

Workspace options: 
  • Seat in an open atrium: $299 monthly
  • Desk: $449 monthly
  • Suite: request pricing    
Why Galvanize?
  •  Excellent networking opportunities for tech minds
  • Access to education and venture funding
  • Access to San Francisco Galvanize location
For the Creatives

Battery621 / 621 Kalamath St. in the Art District on Santa Fe

Battery 621 exudes coolness -- much of it to do with tenants like Icelantic and The Public Works. Combine that with a few independent media companies, a coffee company and some other niche entrepreneurs, and you've got yourself an eclectic mix that represents some of the hippest brands in our state. The space itself is great for companies looking to utilize event space as Battery 621 has proven that it can transition into a great after-hours venue, with a dazzling rooftop deck. 

Workspace Options:
  • Dedicated Desk: $400 monthly
  • Office Space: By Request
Why Battery621?
  • Battery621 makes an effort to create partnerships with its tenants
  • Photography studio
  • Close to the galleries of the Art District on Santa Fe
Cluster Studios / 3881 Steele St. in Clayton

Complete with a fully functioning photography studio for high-end photo and fashion shoots, Cluster Studios is one of the oldest creative working spaces in Denver and features some of the best resources for creatives. This space is highly customizable and each suite is tailored to the needs of each individual company.

Workspace Options:
  • Suites: price varies
Why Cluster?
  • You'll never have to worry about parking 
  • Full photography studio and equipment rental
Creative Density / 1719 Emerson St. in Uptown

Founded by Craig Baute -- a leader in the national coworking movement -- Creative Density was created with the input of its future tenants. Located in the Uptown neighborhood, Creative Density embodies a very organic approach to coworking. Think of a warm, inviting atmosphere, perfect for a freelancer to get some work done and join a space that reflects community values.

Workspace Options:
  • Mobile Member: $75$300 monthly
  • Shared or team office: $550-$750 monthly
Why Creative Density?
  • Emphasis on community output to make the space fit the needs of its members
  • Great location for those looking to work in Uptown
Industry Denver / 3001 Brighton Blvd. in RiNo

Industry is the game-changer -- preferring to brand itself as a "shared workspace" as opposed to a coworking space they have taken a well-known concept and made it a catalyst for a renovation of one of Denver's most up-and-coming neighborhoods -- RiNo. The transformation from old warehouse to a highly advanced collaborative workspace, Industry could very well be a metaphor to the innovation renaissance that is pushing Denver into the top tier of startup cities. 

Workspace Options:
  • Dedicated Desk: $650 monthly
  • Office: By Request
Why Industry?
  • The sleekest designs in collaborative workspace
  • A café and opening of several restaurants in the near future
For the Humanitarians and Do-gooders

Green Spaces / 1368 26th Street in RiNo

Green Spaces is a favorite Denver coworking space that houses many environmentally and socially conscious startups and nonprofits. A brightly colored, plant-laden, brick-walled space, Green Spaces gives you that warm fuzzy feeling -- it makes you want to be at work even when you don't want to be at work. Plus there are some very cool perks -- yoga AND wine on a Monday? I'm in! 

Workspace Options:
  • Ecopreneur: $75 monthly
  • Part-time lounge: $150 monthly
  • Full-time lounge: $195 monthly
  • Desk: $375 monthly
Why Green Spaces?
  • Access to other socially conscious members of the community
  • Did I mention the wine?
The Posner Center / 1031 33rd St. in RiNo

The Posner Center houses over 60 organizations with concentrations in global development, social entrepreneurship and innovations in health and education. Although not branded as a coworking space, the center believes that if you can gather all of these organizations in a collaborative space, great things can and will happen. For those working in any related fields, this is a great space to be situated amongst some forward-thinking Denverites.

Workspace Options:
  • Half seat: $172.50 monthly
  • Full seat: $345 monthly
  • Small Office: $690 monthly
  • Private Office: dependent on size
Why The Posner Center?
  • Ability to strategize with other professionals involved in international development
  • Vibrant calendar of workshops, speakers, and events 
Jessica Kutz is a Denver-based writer and business manager at a Thrive Workplace Solutions. When she isn't doing either of those things, she's planning a trip to South America. 

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