Council approves Westwood Neighborhood Plan

The Denver City Council unanimously approved the Westwood Neighborhood Plan, which recommends ways to create a more connected, celebrated, resilient and healthy Westwood.

Key tenets of the plan include improved connections for greener, safer mobility for pedestrians, bikes and transit users; authentic cultural representation through public art, urban design, community events and support of uniquely Westwood businesses; and resiliency through employment opportunities and more affordable housing options, including recommended zoning that allows accessory dwelling units. The plan also recommends transforming Morrison Road into a pedestrian-friendly linear mercado, cementing it as the cultural and economic hub of the neighborhood and west Denver.

"This plan will help create a healthier, more livable and sustainable community in an area that historically has been underserved, but no longer," says Mayor Michael Hancock. "Great neighborhoods are the result of intentional planning, strong partnerships and committed communities, and this community came together to create something we can all be proud of -- the first neighborhood plan in Westwood in more than 30 years."

Westwood will begin to see aspects of the plan implemented in the coming months when: 
  • The City and County of Denver builds a bikeway on Knox Court connecting housing, schools and the Knox light-rail station
  • The City and County of Denver enhances Morrison Road with traffic-calming features like medians and bumpouts
"The Westwood Neighborhood Plan is the blueprint for this neighborhood's future," says Denver City Councilman Paul Lopez. "It is a reflection of the collective vision and hard work of residents, not meant to collect dust on a shelf. This living document exemplifies the culture and soul of Westwood."

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