Mission Yogurt bringing Udi's and Root Down to DIA

Mission Yogurt Inc. is opening two new restaurants at Denver International Airport.

The company, an airport concessionaire with a portfolio of 12 dining brands at DIA, opened Udi's Cafe & Bar on Concourse B in April and will open Root Down on Concourse C in May. 

"Bringing these restaurants into DIA underscores our mission to support Colorado businesses, while also providing airport travelers food that is not only quick and delicious, but healthy," says Rod Tafoya, owner of Denver-based Mission Yogurt. "From day one, we've aimed to source food locally and only provide travelers with food we'd want to eat ourselves."

In addition to providing travelers with quality food and service, Mission is dedicated to ensuring the ambiance in each space is on point. The company worked with the teams behind both new restaurants to create spaces authentic to each brand.

At Udi's, Mission created an environment that mirrors the brand's focus on fresh, healthy food, filling the space with bright colors found in nature such as green and orange.

At Root Down, Mission spent extra time sourcing materials for the space to create an aesthetic inspired by airport hangars with a focus on sustainability. The restaurant features a self-watering green wall, flooring sourced from an old gymnasium and wall decor comprised of recycled cockpit instruments and wing flaps from vintage airplanes.

Mission and Root Down also built a complimentary water bottle refill station using a reverse osmosis system. The refill station is available to all travelers, not just Root Down guests.

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