Actors' studio opens on South Pearl Street

Lea Marlene Actors Studio has opened for classes in a new location at 1601 S. Pearl St.

Formerly known as Actasana, Lea Marlene Actors Studio is a Sanford Meisner-based acting studio and theater that hosts classes for all ages, professional productions, stand-up comedy nights, workshops and featured artists series.

The new location has office space for private instruction, a stage for classes and full productions and seating for 70 audience members.

"I founded Lea Marlene Actors Studio to provide a welcoming space for actors and non-actors alike," says founder Lea Marlene. "We challenge our students to grow artistically and live creatively, and we are dedicated to providing our students tools that help them thrive in life, both personally and professionally."

The studio is the only studio in Denver offering adult students the full two-year Meisner Technique program. Developed by Sanford Meisner, the approach teaches students to react instinctively to the surrounding environment. The technique puts a greater emphasis on focusing on the other actors on the stage, as opposed to one’s internal thoughts or feelings associated to the character being portrayed.

The studio also provides a variety of youth classes and camps for ages 3 to 17 that explore improvisation, acting exercises, movement and script reading.

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