3,200 Sq Ft Inward Fitness opens at I-25 and Colorado Boulevard

Daniel Ward started Inward Fitness in 2005 as a traveling personal training business, visiting clients' homes to help them reach fitness goals.

But driving all over the metro area became too much so in July, Ward opened a 3,200-square-foot gym in a renovated space  at 3900 E. Mexico Ave. near Interstate 25 and Colorado Boulevard. 

With clients that have included Governor John Hickenlooper, Denver Post Editor Gregory Moore and marketing whiz Steve Sander, Ward quickly was labeled trainer to the Denver stars.

“We really pride ourselves in creating not just a great workout but a great experience for people,” Ward says. “A lot of people don’t enjoy exercise. We want to make it fun so they can achieve their goals.”

Unlike private studios that only allow clients to come in with a trainer, Inward Fitness allows clients who have a training package to use the gym any time for $25 a month. The facility does not compete with companies such as 24 Hour Fitness.

“We’re a training-based facility first and foremost,” Ward says. “We focus on your training and your goals individually. We know every person who comes in the door by name. It creates more of a community feeling.”

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