Barre Forte to open in Central Platte Valley

Barre Forte is bringing its dance-inspired workout to Denver's Central Platte Valley this summer.

Since launching its original Denver studio in 2012, Barre Forte has opened two additional Colorado locations and expanded into Florida through a unique licensing model. Barre Forte's licensing model offers a more flexible and affordable option for studio owners than traditional franchising. Under the licensing agreement, owners receive significant branding, advertising and merchandising support from the Barre Forte team while retaining the ability to personalize the studio and class programming.

Fitness enthusiasts and certified barre instructors Sarah Brittenham and Amy O'Connell will own and operate the new studio at 1553 Platte St., bringing nearly 25 years of combined professional experience to their new business venture, which is the first licensed location in Colorado. 

"Fitness has always been a passion of ours, and after discovering Barre Forte's workouts and seeing the results in our own bodies, we instantly knew we had to open a studio so others could try it," O'Connell says. "Barre workouts are always challenging, but the Barre Forte classes and teachers take barre fitness to a whole other level."

In 60 minutes, Barre Forte's workouts can burn between 400 and 600 calories using a combination of interval training, strength training and isometric holds that exhaust the muscles. Each section of the workout is followed by stretching to result in a long, lean and sculpted physique. the workout is low impact and designed to benefit people of all fitness levels. 

"We feel like not enough fitness enthusiasts are aware of barre fitness and how it can transform your body," Brittenham says. "We want to introduce the workout to everyone from first-time gym-goers to athletes looking to become stronger and leaner using a method they haven't tried before."

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