Group works to improve congestion during Santa Fe art walks

Arts Street is working with high school and college-age youths who will participate in a sustainable urban design and creative placemaking initiative to improve traffic congestion along Santa Fe during First Friday ArtWalks.

Through its La Alma Connection project, the organization will encourage the use of light rail to help solve the parking shortage and integrate functional art and community activities into the streetscape. The process will leverage the creative energy of the students and apply them to public infrastructure development.

"Problem solving is the most important skill we teach at every level," says Stella Yu, executive director of the organization. "Together with cognitive learning and collaboration through teamwork, youth at Arts Street apply their natural creative talents and find that they can fly if they want to."

The project is being supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, Rose Community Foundation and Denver Arts & Venues.

"We are thrilled that our funders recognize that the arts are more than entertainment," Yu said. "They are most powerful when integrated into life as creative solutions for the betterment of society. We thank our sponsors for their innovative approach to grants funding, allowing small organizations to make big impact to our communities."

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