First phase of Aria opens in northwest Denver

The first phase of Aria Apartments and Aria Townhomes have opened on the grounds of the former Convent of the Sisters of St. Francis 52nd Avenue and Decatur Street.

The project, developed by Urban Ventures and Perry Rose, is designed for urban-minded people of all ages who value a healthy and simplified lifestyle in a convenient location eight minutes from downtown.

The project is an intergenerational community consisting of families, singles, young couples, college students and empty nesters who want to live in a neighborhood that reflects sustainable values and creates a strong sense of community.

"Aria Denver is distinguished by its diversity of housing choices and its commitment to the principles of healthy living," says Susan Powers, President of Urban Ventures. "Aria Denver is sure to become a vibrant community and retail magnet for Northwest Denver."

The developers plan to create a commercial corner at 52nd and Federal, which will include a wellness center, fresh-food store, coffee shop, green dry cleaner and restaurants.

A portion of the 17.5-acre site has been set aside for community gardens, providing residents and commercial tenants an opportunity to grow much of their own produce. A garden already in place produces fresh vegetables for sale at a nominal cost, with the remainder donated to Warren Village and area food banks.

"The focus on using open space to grow fresh vegetables and provide this produce to people at a price they can afford is a key component to healthy living," says City Councilwoman Susan Shepherd. "The smart-growth future of Denver is reflected in the focus of the Aria neighborhood on infill development, healthy living and lifelong learning."

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