Recycling center opens in Overland

SustainAbility has opened its second public recycling drop-off center in Denver. 

The center, located at 1270 S. Bannock St., is the first Hard-To-Recycle (H2R) center in the Denver area. It accepts traditional recyclable materials such as paper, plastic, metal and glass but also takes a range of non-traditional materials, such as fire extinguishers, Styrofoam, bubble wrap, wine corks, CDs, vegetable oil, books, paint, bikes and clothing. 

"H2R centers are incredibly important for communities that care about sustainability because they offer people the opportunity to recycle dozens of unusual items that would normally be landfilled," says Rachel Nathan, the company's sustainability director. "We have found ethical recycling solutions for all of these items, and we are working every day to add more to the list."

A majority of SustainAbility's workforce is make of of people who have developmental or intellectual disabilities. The new center will have a total of 31 employees, 25 of whom have developmental or intellectual disabilities. 

"Our mission is not only to be an innovative leader in the recycling world, but also to employ individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities," Nathan says. "We truly believe that just because someone has been given the label of a disability, if you find what that person is good at, they are better at it than most."

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