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Fortune reports on ZenPayroll bringing 1,000 jobs to Denver

Fortune covered San Francisco-based ZenPayroll opening an office that will bring 1,000 jobs to Denver. The deal that included $19 million in state tax incentives.


Reeves says ZenPayroll, founded in 2011, conducted an extensive search to choose where it would open its second office, narrowing the running down to Salt Lake City, Austin, and Denver.

Colorado's growth incentives were important, but Reeves said he was also influenced by Denver's "kindred spirit mindset" to San Francisco, with the many younger people moving there each year and an urban setting that mirrored the company's San Francisco office, Reeves says.

"We're not going to clone the SF office, but if you visit both, we wanted it to feel like the same company," he says. He noted that he found an entrepreneurial mindset among the people in Denver that was similar to that of the Valley and San Francisco.

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