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WSJ delves into "My Teenage Angst" in Denver

The Wall Street Journal covered "My Teenage Angst," a storytelling night in Denver where participants read from the diaries they kept as adolescents.


Jon Olsen, a 40-year-old writer, is among the dozens of Denverites who participate in "My Teenage Angst." His go-to entries usually focus on a girl he once pined for -- the feelings weren't mutual -- and his chronicling of every mundane interaction he had with her.

One entry he is considering reading was from his freshman year at Humboldt State University in California.

"I had written this long and uncharacteristically honest sort of diatribe about how mortified I felt about being sexually inactive," he says. "I was so horrified about it that it was scribbled over in a different color and I had turned it into this weird drawing of some leering creature -- maybe a demon or dragon."

Read the rest here.

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