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Paste profiles Denver Biscuit Co.

Paste Magazine ran a story on Denver Biscuit Company.


There is nothing quite like a light, buttery biscuit straight from the oven. A staple to the Southern diet, at one point in time it was nearly impossible to sit down for a meal without finding biscuits at the table. In theory, biscuits are pretty straightforward, made with simple ingredients like flour, baking soda and powder, buttermilk, butter, and salt; but despite their simplicity, there are countless recipes that are handed down from generation to generation, all with slight variances and diehard flour preferences. But as with everything else, there is always room for improvement.

When Drew Shader, owner of the Denver Biscuit Company, came to Colorado from Florida to attend the University of Colorado in Boulder he noticed that no one in Denver was making the traditional Southern folded biscuit (and if they were, they weren’t doing it well). "There were a lot of drop biscuits," he told me, "but I couldn’t find a biscuit I loved." After college, Shader ended up in the bar and restaurant business and really embraced food as a passion. I recently spoke with Shader about why food was such a passion for him and how he was able to create the perfect fluffy biscuit in a city at elevation.

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