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Inc. profiles O.penVape

Inc. magazine profiled O.penVape, the Denver-based vaporizer manufacturer that's poised to become the country's first national cannabis brand.


The startup's offices in Denver, over on Delaware Street off Speer Boulevard, are open and airy. With exposed brick and plate glass walls, a Ping-Pong table, and a kitchen with jars of treats on the island counter, the 7,000-square-foot loft space looks like any other hip young company's headquarters.

But this startup's product isn't cloud software or social networking. It's accessories for marijuana users. O.penVape, which was founded in Denver in 2012 when two pot dispensary owners joined forces, is one of the largest consumer brands in the legal cannabis industry. Already selling in seven states, O.penVape has been steadily expanding its reach and in April 2015 has hit the largest sales numbers in its history.

"We had a record month. Even though this week, during 4/20, is always a seasonal high point, we had [an unusually] huge sales increase," says CFO Steve Berg, a former Wall Street banker. O.penVape typically sells about 200,000 units per month of its cannabis oil vape pen cartridges, at a price of $35 to $75. But this April, with 4/20 business adding to the numbers, O.penVape sold almost half a million units. 

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