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Hi-Dive owner's Super Bowl shark tattoo goes viral

Esquire interviewed Hi-Dive co-owner Matty Clark about his tattoo of the infamous left shark at the Super Bowl halftime show.


ESQ: Did you fall for "left shark" like the rest of the country? Or was he just another shark to you? Really hard-hitting questions, I know.

MC: Hahaha. Well when I first saw it, I had the opposite reaction. I was like, Yo, the one on the right is nailing it! In 20 years he'll probably be just another shark, and that's fine. People are like, "Why get a tattoo of this stupid meme?" And I just think, at the end of the day, it's still pretty sweet. I have a tattoo of Tim Tebow Tebow-ing on my other ankle, so left shark is completely in my wheelhouse. I do have nice artwork on me, but a couple of party tattoos never hurt anyone.

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