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USA Today profiles Denver startup behind beer concentrate

Sustainable Beverage Technologies will debut its BrewVo technology in early 2015, reported USA Today.


As the craft brewing industry grows and competition increases, a Denver start-up is betting brewers will want technology that cuts costs and makes their operations more efficient.

Early in 2015, Sustainable Beverage Technologies will introduce BrewVo, a patented process for brewing beer into a liquid concentrate and then mixing it with water using the same dispensing equipment that restaurants use for soft drinks. The process eliminates the need for 15.5-gallon beer kegs and the water used to clean and sanitize them. Potential customers could include breweries, bars and restaurants.

Founder Patrick Tatera says investors are backing the business and he's got partnerships in place with brewers, both "flagship" and craft, that he says have asked not to be named for now. Tatera's technology is considered risky and radical for the brewing industry. Those who have pursued similar innovations before him have seen a backlash from regulators, health experts and the spirits industry.

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