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Booming OneReach melds calls and texts for customer service

Customer service is a pain point for customers and companies alike. In response, Denver's OneReach offers a tool that allows companies to interact with their customers via SMS and call center.

"We've built a web application that makes it very easy for companies to create any sort of custom SMS or call in solutions whether it's inbound or outbound," explains OneReach Managing Partner Elias Parker. The tool makes it easier to integrate Twilio, the engine behind Uber's ability to connect riders with drivers. "It's a development platform that makes it easier to custom code any text messaging solutions," Parker says.

"OneReach is an end-user solution that allows companies to create those same types of custom text message solutions without writing them," Parker says. "We're thought of as the Twillio UI."

As positive reviews of its services and bigger clients have come in, the four-year-old company has realized faster growth. Parker says it grew by 34 percent in the past year, swelling to 27 employees at its new office in Sunnyside.

"We just moved a month ago," he says. "We were in Galvanize in a private office. For at least half of it we were sitting on each other. We would have to ask people to work from home and have people working out of the common space because it was so full."

With service packages starting at $22 a month the company has a wide range of clients, including National Geographic, United Nations World Food Program and Re/Max. "Some clients are really small, some are huge," says Parker. "They range from a small chain of coffee shops in Denver to a massive company that has thousands of customer support people."

The company is also looking ahead to the next steps. "In the future, hopefully in the near-term road map, we'll releasing a more mobile-friendly solution but for the time being it's accessed via a web browser on laptop or desktop," Parker says.

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