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Top 10 Denver Feeds on Social Media

An Instagram photo of the Broadway Triangle Wall.

Wheelchair Sports Camp on Twitter

I Heart Denver's Facebook page.

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube -- there are so many ways to go down the rabbit hole. If you have the time to surf, here are Confluence Denver's picks for the 10 best Denver feeds on social media.
There are more ways to waste time on the Internet than there is time in a day.

But there's time wasted and there's time well wasted. Big difference.

Get a leg up on your fellow over-informed slackers with these 10 Denver-centric social-media accounts you should follow, like, and otherwise use to briefly pacify your distraction-addled attention span.

The Denver Eye on Facebook

It's hard to resist clicking through on the black-and-white photos and historic odds and ends posted by The Denver EyeWhether your tastes tend to midcentury Colfax motels, Blake Street in 1865 or oddball Broncos memorabilia, this is just the Facebook page for delving into the history if the city.

I Heart Denver's Facebook page.I Heart Denver Store on Facebook

Samuel Schimek's ultra-local, near-communal store in the Denver Pavilions offers a continuous stream of Facebook pictures that make you want to buy out his entire inventory. While you're at it, bookmark the Tumblr blog by Denver Picard, the store's resident corgi.

Kevin Eslinger on Facebook

You may have seen Kevin Eslinger's pop surrealism on First Friday on Santa Fe Drive, or at his new gallery at 118 S. Broadway in Baker, but if you dig his distinctive interpretations of characters from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and other landmarks of pop culture, his Facebook page offers a steady stream of eye candy and sales.

Denver Streetheart on Facebook and Instagram

Get the latest images of masterwork murals popping up around Denver through the self-described "street-art cartographers" at Denver Streetheart. Pics spotlight art on everything from hydrants to entire alleys -- an eye-popping gallery with no admission charge.

Denver Views on Tumblr

This Tumblr feed captures Denver alternately at its grittiest and its most human. The blog is the work of Melanie Rice, a Metro State journalism student.

Nix Bros. on YouTube

Local comedy filmmakers the Nix Bros. are really brothers and masters of the short comedy video the Internet loves. Now working with top Denver comedians like Adam Cayton-Holland and the crew from The Fine Gentleman's Club, the Nixes have been making funny videos since the reign of the camcorder.

Allen Klosowski on Twitter

Allen Klosowski, a.k.a. @TheBigKlosowski, is a formidable presence on Twitter, with over 70,000 followers and tweets spanning the Broncos, digital journalism and jellyfish, not to mention terrific photos. By day he's VP of Mobile for SpotXchange, an online video advertising platform.

Kendra Wiig on Twitter

With tweets ranging from politics to food to all sorts of interesting Denver insights and news, Kendra Wiig, a Denver-based "media ecologist" (according to her LinkedIn profile) offers a good primer on all of the city's happenings.

JaVale McGee on Twitter

Nuggets center JaVale McGee has been called the "NBA's weirdest player" and one look at his Twitter feed offers no reason to dispute this claim. His pseudonym is Pierre McGee, his profile pic is an albino gorilla and tweets demonstrate a healthy interest in curly mustaches and gallon jugs.

Wheelchair Sports Camp on Twitter

The Denver hip-hop collective fronted by Kalyn Heffernan has a feed full of fodder for favorites and retweets, plenty of odd multimedia (Bill Murray-Jimi Hendrix mashup, anyone?) plus all of the latest news on the band.

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Eric is a Denver-based tech writer and guidebook wiz. Contact him here.
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