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CD Vid: Denver RAWK Showcase

Some of Denver's hottest -- though not necessarily most "discovered" -- talent will participate in a Dec. 6 RAWK event at Casselmann's Bar. 
Ever heard of Hawk Vaccaro, Evendesign, or Violetti Tanssija? They value light, mixing media on guitars and dancing in the air. They are also three of the more than 20 Denver artists, photographers, fashion designers, musicians, directors and performing artists that will show their stuff at the RAWK showcase Dec. 6 at Casselmann's Bar and Venue on Walnut. 

What is RAW? A group of independent artists that highlight and support up-and-coming artists throughout the country. They understand artists want to get paid without compromising values.

For tickets to RAWK, click here.

Although we missed it, the AaronAcker.com crew traveled to Denver earlier this month to cover the Denver RAWards semi-final. Check it out.
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