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Noonan! Caddyshack Hits Larimer Square

Moviegoers in June.

Caddyshack is playing outdoors at Larimer Square on Thurs. Aug. 1 as part of the Ultimate Dining Event. Grease is coming up on Sept. 12.
Larimer Square is turning into a block-sized outdoor movie theater on Thurs. Aug. 1 for the second of three Ultimate Dining Events this summer.

The streets are closed and tables are set on the blacktop to accommodate diners from participating restaurants.

After a doubleheader of The Italian Job in Mission Impossible 3 in June gives way to one more quotable movie in the form of Caddyshack tomorrow night.

Chef Partner Larry Bergstein of The Capital Grille thinks it's a good pick. "I think it's one of the coolest movies," he explains. Because basically the entire U.S. population has seen the movie, it's ideal as a diversion during dinner, and won't require diners' full attention.

"Is the movie going to be a distraction or an add to the atmosphere? With Caddyshack, you can stand up for those great one-liners, then go back to your conversation."

While the reservations for street tables are no longer available, they are for Sept. 12 (Grease) and the sidewalk, as always, is open to the public, as are the bars.

Bergstein says he'd like to see more similar events on Larimer Square. "If we could close down Larimer regularly, that'd be wonderful," he says, although he wouldn't want the block to go pedestrian-only full-time.

The first event in June was a big hit, and there are expectations for a repeat. "When you have 140 people eating outside and 200 people inside, it's a great night," says Bergstein.

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