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Denver Distilleries: From Factory Floor to Local Bar

Barbara Klouse bottles Fireside Whiskey at Mile High Spirits in RiNo.

Mile High Spirits CEO Rich Harris double checks the bottles of Fireside Whiskey before packing them in boxes.

Barrels of whiskey at Mile High Spirits.

Infused vodka is a specialty at Mile High Spirits.

Orange vanilla-infused vodka at Mile High Spirits.

The four kinds of liquor made at Mile High Spirits.

Stranahan's volunteers create bottle labels.

Stranahan's corks.

Stranahan's head distiller, Rob Dietrich, fills whiskey bottles.

Volunteers bottle Stranahan's whiskey.

Volunteers form an assembly line to bottle Stranahan's whiskey.

Volunteers label Stranahan's bottles.

A volunteer pulls Stranahan's whiskey off the line.

A volunteer quality checks each Stranahan's bottle.

Tags are the finishing touch to a bottle of Stranahan's whiskey.

On any given day, Denver distilleries produce more than 5,000 bottles of the good stuff. This photo essay explores the process of bringing the product to market. 
Every other Thursday, 32 volunteers help Stranahan's bottle its product with Head Distiller Rob Dietrich filling about 19 bottles a minute. While Stranahan's may produce more than 5,100 bottles in one session, Mile High Spirits, which is one of only three glass-only distilleries in the world, produces about 2,000 bottles at any given time. 

This photo essay explores the work it takes for Denver distillers to bring a product to market. 
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