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Jesse Morreale to open new restaurant in Highlands

The building is on the border of Sunnyside and Highland.

Jesse Morreale is teaming up with Larimer Associates and City Street Investors to launch a new restaurant and bar at 3759 Lipan St. on the border of the Highland and Sunnyside neighborhoods. 

Slated to open by the end of September, the concept is intentionally crafted to provide an affordable alternative to the more pricey restaurant and bar options typical in much of the area.

"Our M.O. is custom crafting -- building concepts that fit with the neighborhood," says Joe Vostrejs, principal at Larimer and City Street. "We wanted an edgy concept designed from the ground up to specifically serve the demographic and location, and Jesse is is the perfect partner to make this vision a reality. His proven track record of creating successful businesses in transitional neighborhoods and on traffic corridors was exactly what we were looking for at this location, and we're excited to see him in action."

Morreale has a reputation for building successful businesses in neighborhoods others might think it would be difficult to succeed.

"I get a lot of satisfaction from taking on projects in areas that some may view as undesirable or transitional and creating authentic restaurants and bars that honor the neighborhood rather than disclaim it," Morreale says. "Just like the successes I had when developing Colfax [the Bluebird District] and Broadway, with this project we need to show the Highlands and Sunnyside neighbors that we understand what their neighborhoods are a deliver a relevant, vibrant and desirable destination for them."

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