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JB Bissell

Based in Denver, JB writes about local happenings and far-flung places often getting sidetracked at various points between. He can be reached here.


Youth on Record

Youth On Record Hitting High Educational Notes

The students who enroll in Denver's Youth On Record music classes might not ever actually be on a record, but chances are good they'll graduate from high school and ultimately make a positive impact in their own community.

Poetry Slam

A Slam Dunk: Denver Poetry Scene Hitting Crazy Heights

Denver's slam poetry scene is imbued with a competitive atmosphere that has injected new life into the art form, empowered countless young voices and propelled some of the community's brightest writers to national champion status.

Nix bros

Nix Bros. Weaving Web of Laughter

For the Nix Bros., the ideal endgame is the silver screen, but they have found creative comfort and community in Denver, especially among the local comics. For the time being, it follows that they're (mostly) content making their brand of riotous videos for much smaller screens.

Count Me In

Girls-Only Math Camp Equals Business Opportunity for Teachers

The Count Me In program makes brushing up on arithmetic fun for schoolchildren, and earning some extra cash possible for schoolteachers -- all during summer break.


Moto Ocho Revives Mopeds in Arapahoe Square

Whether for nostalgia, practicality or pure fun, mopeds are making a big comeback. Moto Ocho is the place to purchase your first -- or to have your first (you know, that 35-year-old Puch in the back of the garage) restored.
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