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The Source spotlights Wheelchair Sports Camp

Denver hip-hop group Wheelchair Sports Camp's new album and video got the attention of The Source.


Before producer/keyboardist Ikey Owens (Jack WhiteMars Volta, Free Moral Agents) tragically passed away at 38 years old, he made one, final masterpiece -- Wheelchair Sports Camp's album, No Big Deal. Fronted by the sole female MC Kalyn Heffernan, the Denver trio has taken the Hip Hop community by storm with its jazz-infused take on the genre.

Recently signed to Sage Francis' new digital platform, SFDigi, Wheelchair Sports Camp has shared the innovative visuals for the first single from the album, "Mary Had A Little Band."

Read the rest (and watch the video) here.

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Eric is a Denver-based tech writer and guidebook wiz. Contact him here.
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