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Denver luring more educated workers than any other city, says WaPo

Denver is luring more educated workers than any other major city, the Washington Post reported.


Denver, Seattle and Houston each increased its number of college graduates by around 20 percent between 2007 and 2012. (This is all roughly speaking, as these numbers are taken from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey and are a little fuzzy and may be off by a couple percentage points either way.)

Other cities have struggled. Boston and Atlanta each only added around 100,000 college grads in that time. San Francisco, which is a similar size, added 300,000 grads -- a reflection of how much of a talent magnet Silicon Valley has become. San Francisco is now essentially tied with Boston as the most-educated large city in the nation other than Washington, D.C., where a whopping 65 percent of adults have at least a four-year college degree.

But this is where we turn the tables on you, readers: Does it surprise you where your city fell on this list? Denverites, does your neighborhood feel much brainier these days? Atlantans, what should your city be doing better to attract college grads? Tell us your story.

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