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Reason Foundation offers $52 billion plan to reduce traffic congestion in Denver

The Libertarian-leaning Reason Foundation devised a $52 billion plan to reduce traffic congestion in Denver.


Our plan for the state and regional highway totals $22 billion. Assuming the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) chooses to spend an additional $15 billion on local roads and an additional $15 billion to provide transit services, the 30-year total would be $52 billion. This $52 billion plan spends only 39% of the $133 billion in the DRCOG 2012 long-range plan and covers a longer time period of 30 years (from 2015–2044) compared to 24 years (2012–2035) for the DRCOG plan. More importantly, our plan has a realistic funding and financing source, filling a $6 billion hole with the transition to a mileage-based user fee, while the current DRCOG plan has a $40 billion hole that the entity has no realistic way of funding. Unlike the DRCOG's 2035 plan that hopes to spend $133 billion and still results in worse congestion, our plan significantly reduces congestion and saves money.

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