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Populous blog covers Coors Field and its impact on downtown

The blog for urban design firm Populous took a look at its work on Coors Field and its revitalizing impact on Lower Downtown Denver.


Two decades later, Coors Field has had a lasting impact on the city's development, leading to the growth of a charming and eclectic neighborhood surrounding the stadium where pioneering young professionals and families have flocked. The results of the investment in the stadium were both immediate and impactful with retail, restaurants and housing in the surrounding area growing rapidly. LoDo has seen an increase of housing units in the area by 408 percent, growth in the occupancy of hotels downtown by 25 percent and a substantial increase in the number of restaurants (totaling over 70), night clubs, breweries and art galleries in the city.  It was estimated that the economic influence of the stadium was double what initially was predicted -- at $195 million a year.

Fans not only travel to LoDo early to shop, eat and socialize, they also live, work and play in the district on non-game days. The 25-block district is now a national example of the impact an urban ballpark can have on downtown, revitalizing a district in a way worthy of urban textbooks.

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Eric is a Denver-based tech writer and guidebook wiz. Contact him here.
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