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Paste reports on Denver's Sesh Fest

Paste quaffed a few low-alcohol beers at Denver's annual Sesh Fest.


The point is simple: "Session beer" as an idea continues to be embraced and grow, but it still has plenty of room to diversify itself in the minds of beer drinkers and the lineups of breweries.

In Denver, and at Sesh Fest, this thankfully does seem to be happening, at least to a degree. In the Mile-High City, one would think the physical effects of altitude might naturally lead to a more robust appreciation for camping and hiking-friendly low-ABV beer styles, and this is at least partially the case, according to a few brewers I spoke with at the event. It was an unusually smooth, easygoing beer festival, and it would be hard to deny that the concept isn't great, as a session beer fest can simultaneously encourage eclectic sampling and relative moderation. Eric Nichols, the head brewer at Beryl's Beer Co. in Denver's beer-rich River North neighborhood, said the event was indicative of the session beer culture that has grown in the city during the two years that Beryl has been in operation.

"I think if you live here, more than the altitude, it's the active lifestyles you tend to find in Colorado that are driving session beer here," Nichols said. "Most people here aren't drinking to get blitzed, and they're very outdoor-focused. Session styles are perfect to incorporate into that."

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