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Denver Pearl Brewing changes name to Platt Park Brewing

Denver Pearl Brewing Company changed its name to Platt Park Brewing Company, reported American University's Intellectual Property Brief.


When the small company opened up on Pearl Street in Denver, Colorado, in June of this year, the owners did not think they would be infringing on the marks of any other companies because they believed that the closest conflict would be Pearl Brewing Company from San Antonio, Texas, which closed in 2001. Unbeknownst to the owners of Denver Pearl, Pabst Brewing Co. bought out Pearl Brewing and still produces Pearl and Pearl Light beers. Pabst threatened legal action against Denver Pearl Brewing, but this came after concerns were brought up by another local Denver brewery, Denver Beer Co. Faced with the choice of going to court to challenge the validity of their name, or changing the name a mere two months after opening, the co-owners of Denver Pearl decided their time would be better spent doing more thorough research on a new name than fighting a lengthy legal battle over the contended name.

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