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eWEEK spotlights ProtectWise

eWEEK covered LoDo-based IT security startup ProtectWise.


Picture an IT system, then imagine a DVR unit recording everything that happens in that system, so that there's a complete record of all activity as it trudges along each day.

That fictional DVR would be a fair description of Denver-based startup ProtectWise, which exited stealth mode in March following two years of development and has started a lot of talk among industry people for its singular, data science-oriented approach to security.

ProtectWise is, in effect, a time machine; it can go back in time, check to see the events leading up to a data breach or other business issue, and provide a real-time report and clear insight on chains of events as they happen. That information becomes a list of undisputed data points leading back to the source of the hacker attack or other software glitch, enabling administrators to identify back doors, software vulnerabilities -- and the intruder himself, in most cases.

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Eric is a Denver-based tech writer and guidebook wiz. Contact him here.
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