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CraftBeer.com names Falling Rock top beer bar

The Brewers Association's CraftBeer.com tabbed Falling Rock Tap House and the Cheeky Monk Belgian Beer Cafe among the top beer bars in the U.S.


More than 19,000 craft beer fans cast over 3,400 nominations for better beer bars this year. Once nominations were collected, the field was then narrowed to the 10 most-nominated bars in each of the five regions of the country. The top five craft beer establishments from each region, as well as the overall winners from each, have been recognized.


Falling Rock Tap House | Denver, CO

Specializing in draft beers from more accessible craft selections to the high-IBU palate smashers, to the exotic rarities from across the globe, Colorado’s Falling Rock is the epicenter of craft beer all year long and especially during the annual Great American Beer Festival®.

"My brothers Steve, Al and I built our own favorite place to hang out and we built it for brewers and enthusiasts to enjoy," said Chris Black, king at Falling Rock Tap House. “We created a place where brewers can showcase the beers they are proudest of."

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