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WSJ reports on Denver company dropping dollars for bitcoin

The Wall Street Journal blogged about Amagi Metals, a Denver company that won't accept dollars as of 2017 -- but will take bitcoin.


Mr. Macaskill thinks the dollar's going to go the way of Zimbabwe. He thinks the greenback's going to collapse, and disappear, and bitcoin is going to rise up in its place and become the world's de facto currency. Mr. Macaskill is both a gold bug and a bitcoiner, and is positioning his business now for it.

Well, that's, like, your opinion, man.

Amagi Metals has been accepting bitcoin since 2012, and cryptocurrencies comprise roughly 30-40% of its business, which is all done online, so it's already further toward being a complete bitcoin business than most other retailers. But that is still different from saying you will not accept U.S. dollars.

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