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An Artistic X-Ray: Adam Stone and Screw Tooth

Denver's new theater company Screw Tooth is genre-defying, experimental and brutally honest, just the way Founder and Artistic Director Adam Stone wants it. Show #1.5, 2GD2B4G-10 (that's alphanumeric for "too good to be forgotten") starts Dec. 13 at Buntport Theater in the Art District on Santa Fe.

Fresh Food

Healthy Food For All: The Colorado Fresh Food Financing Fund

Denver's food deserts could soon be a thing of the past. With nearly $10 million in hand, the Colorado Fresh Food Financing Fund aims to make healthy food available to everyone. Its first loans are expected to close in early 2014 to provide funding for new groceries and expansion of existing stores.

THe source

Photo Essay: A Good Look at The Source

The Source, the historic foundry turned artisan market and foodie hub, opened in Denver's RiNo neighborhood in August. With tenants like Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project and Acorn, there's plenty of good stuff to drink and eat. And there's nothing else like it in Denver. Confluence Denver Managing Photographer Kara Pearson Gwinn recenty snapped a few shots of the much buzzed-about market.

Adam Lerner is the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Adam Lerner Mixing Tastes at MCA Denver

Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCA Denver) Adam Lerner says his critics find him either too populist or too intellectual. It's a contradiction he takes as a compliment and an indication he is striking the right balance.

Pearl thumb

History Repeats on Old South Pearl Street

In Platt Park, Old South Pearl Street is sporting a new look. The nine-block stretch between Buchtel Boulevard and Evans Avenue has been a commercial district since the streetcar era more than a century ago, and Sushi Den has been the catalyst for the last 25 years. Can another anchor eatery help the area emerge as a dining destination that rivals LoHi?

A rendering of Belleview Station.

Belleview Station Leads the Way for Transit-Oriented Development

Colorado's Bansbach family has owned the land around the light rail's Belleview Station since the late 1800s. But now the family is leading an effort to redefine the character of this area from a staid suburban location into a thriving, walkable urban destination for upscale Denverites.

Dennis Taylor, program coordinator, teaches a signature cooking class.

Quite Simply, Cooking Matters

Of all the things to be thankful for this season, a full belly and good health are two of the most robust blessings. When it comes to making sure every Colorado kid remains healthy and full, Cooking Matters Colorado believes that cooking is what matters most.

Rob McGowan and Ben Olson are the Co-Founders of Fin Art.

Material Alchemists at Fin Art Remaking Denver's Interior Spaces

As the art of making furniture evolves, one standout Denver duo dreams up the bones of some of the city's  most iconic interiors. Fin Art has its fingers in all sorts of new projects in the city, from brewpubs to hostels.

To date this year, the Ubuntu Farm has produced approximately 6,500 pounds of organic produce.

For the Love of Chard: The First Bantu Harvest in the New World

Earlier this year, Confluence Denver brought you the story of the Somali Bantu refugees and the Ubuntu Urban Farm in Denver's Westwood neighborhood. It was the beginning of a learning experience for the refugees of war-torn Somali who, though farmers by tradition, were not used to farming in a climate anything like Colorado's. Now they've harvested their first full season of crops, providing them to the Bantu, CSA (community-supported agriculture) members and a restaurant.

Street Art

Top 10 Denver Feeds on Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube -- there are so many ways to go down the rabbit hole. If you have the time to surf, here are Confluence Denver's picks for the 10 best Denver feeds on social media.

Gus Peterson juggles kettlebells, and teaches his clients to do the same.

Kettlebell Ringers: Russian Workout Catches on in Denver

First used by Russian soldiers, the kettlebell provides an effective full-body workout that incorporates both strength and cardio. Denver trainers are increasingly hip to the benefits of these cast-iron, kettle-shaped weights.

John McCaskill, along with Rob Bell, open MegaFauna, a philosophy-driven artist collective.

MegaFauna Makes Moves, Remains in RiNo

MegaFauna has taken retail to a new level: Production often takes place in the RiNo shop. More than 200 vendors have embraced the concept as the store settles into a new space at 3102 Blake St.

Nicole McGee is a Cleveland artist who makes jewelry, bouquets of flowers and artwork out of scraps of vinyl flooring, plastic bottles, corks and other things people throw away.

Turning Trash into Treasure, Creative Reuse Movement Boosts Urban Economies

Creative reuse centers are shops or warehouses where you can buy materials in bulk that would otherwise wind up in the landfill. Geared towards artists, teachers, parents and crafters seeking raw materials, they have been growing quickly across the U.S. They're treasure troves of creative possibilities for anyone with an artistic mindset.

MOOCs allow for a hybrid of educational models, with online lectures and project work in the classroom.

Can MOOCs Rewire Higher Education?

The MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course, might just be the next big thing in education. CU Denver and CSU are getting in the game, and a few colleges are offering real credits. Is this a paradigm shift for education or is the hype overselling the reality?

Andrea Fuller, a single working mother from Denver, was a recipient of the organization's services after she contacted their hotline in 2011.

Hunger Free Colorado: Fighting Colorado's Hunger Crisis

Hunger Free Colorado is working to solve Colorado's hunger crisis with a host of programs and initiatives. The nonprofit's food truck and work to increase access to the USDA's school breakfast program are just two examples of how the organization is helping nourish the state's hungry residents.

 A custom Yeti animatronic terrorizes the 13th Floor.

Screamworks on the 13th Floor and Rising

Screamworks has been in business since 2002, but the RiNo-based producer of the 13th Floor and other haunted houses has soared to terrifying new heights in the last three years.

Kate Armstrong is an urban forager who's made a career of living off our urban landscape by supplementing her diet with edible weeds.

Kate Armstrong, Urban Forager, Waxes on Weeds

Welcome to sunny Denver, where farmers markets reign supreme and foodies asking servers about the origins of their free-range chicken is as ordinary as a fork. But even here, the idea of living "authentically" sounds a little foreign, a little too Portlandia, doesn't it? Not if you're Kate Armstrong, the urban forager who's made a career of living off our urban landscape by supplementing her diet with edible weeds.


Professor Phelyx and the Trick of Mentalism

Professor Phelyx is no ordinary magician -- he's a magical entertainer and mentalist with jaw-dropping talents that delight and amaze audiences from Denver to Ireland. And now for his next trick, a Wonderbound ballet!

Drag Machine covered the history of drag through performers depicting different decades.

Innovative and Askew, Off-Center @ The Jones Launches Third Season

Off-Center @ The Jones is the "test kitchen" at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Co-Curators Emily Tarquin and Charlie Miller discuss the third season, starting Oct. 10.

Bovine Metropolis Theater owners Denise Maes and Eric Farone.

Improvising a Business: Bovine Metropolis Brings Improv to the Masses

When the husband-and-wife team of Eric Farone and Denise Maes established Bovine Metropolis Theater in 2000, they left the stability and benefits of their corporate jobs to take a leap of faith toward a mutual dream -- to create a training theater that would develop Denver's improv community and bring the art of improv to the masses.

Ruby Hill

Ruby Hill Park Getting Ready to Shine

Welcome to Ruby Hill. The long underused city park is going through an extreme, culturally infused makeover that is expected to turn it into a Denver gem. It's quite a turnaround for a former landfill with a considerably lower profile than many other parks in the city.

Sweet Action, a welcome addition to the neighborhood, opened its doors in 2009.

The Baker Boom: Revitalization on Broadway Hits Fever Pitch

Development in Baker has exploded in recent years, and the curve is steepening as of late 2013. Can one of Denver's most distinctive 'hoods balance explosive growth with the preservation of its quirky character?

Landon Meier's masks of Ron Jeremy, Mike Tyson and babies.

Hyperflesh's Signed Breaking Bad Mask Auctioned on eBay after Series Finale

Hyperflesh's super-realistic, signed mask of Breaking Bad's Walter White (a.k.a. Heisenberg) attracted bids north of $40,000 after the series' critically acclaimed finale. The Art Distict on Santa Fe-based Landon Meier tells us when latex and silicon masks cross the boundary and become art.


Confluence Q&A: Ken Schroeppel, CU Denver and DenverInfill

Confluence Denver talked to DenverInfill Founder and CU Denver Instructor Ken Schroeppel about Denver development, parking lots and the best places in the city.

Warm Cookies of the Revolution encourages active citizenship with monthly meetings covering everything from poop to pro sports.

Civic Health Club: Warm Cookies of the Revolution

Warm Cookies of the Revolution encourages active citizenship with monthly meetings covering everything from water treatment to pro sports. Founder Evan Weissman is looking to expand the concept with a permanent storefront and more frequent gatherings.

Andrew Novick is an artist, collector, photographer, chef and coveter of the strange.

The Weird World of Andrew Novick: Blood, Pancakes and Punk Rock

The parallels to the legendary Andy Warhol are uncanny: identical infatuations with pop culture, both extraordinary collectors and coveters of the strange and they even share a name. What does a humble genius reminiscent of Warhol and undeterred by limits do in his free time? (Hint: The answer isn't "sleep.") Here's a brief review of all things Andrew Novick.

The original Chipotle on East Evans Avenue.

Top 10 Denver Startups of All Time

For Denver Startup Week, we pondered a question: What are the greatest startups to ever call Denver home? From burritos and suitcases to software and fishhooks, here are Confluence's picks.

Jim Deters is the founder and CEO of Galvanize, a startup incubator complete with a shared office space and investment branch that works to foster and promote Denver-area startups.

Denver Startup Year: From 2012 to 2013, the Impact of Denver Startup Week

The first Denver Startup Week, held last fall, helped raise the city's profile as a destination for entrepreneurs, startups and those who have the cash to invest in them. Now that the industry is in the middle of the second annual Denver Startup Week, taking place at dozens of venues from Sept. 16-21, what do entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and others have to say about the past 12 months, and where do they see the market heading in the future?


Denver-Based Social Hub Maker Allowing Fans, Businesses To Wayin

In five short months, LoDo-based Wayin has grown into a Twitter-certified company, thanks to a unique social-media hub platform for fans in Denver and other cities. The company is making one high-profile local client happy: the Denver Broncos.

John Rumley launched Late Night Denver in Jan. 2013.

John Rumley, King of Late Night Denver

Late Night Denver, John Rumley's Internet-only talk show, is catching on in a big way. Now he's looking to capture a national audience, thanks to a deal with TheLipTV2 -- but Rumley promises the money won't change Late Night Denver.

The area around Elm Street is shaping up to be a great neighborhood.

Checking out the 'Fax: Revitalization Accelerates on East Colfax

East of Colorado Boulevard, business owners on Colfax Avenue see promise in underserved neighborhoods, but some stretches are coming along faster than others. The Fax Partnership is helping catalyze revitalization on what was once dubbed "the longest, wickedest street in America."

Michael Nye, editor of Missouri Review, author Amanda Rea, author Nick Arvin, author Jenny Shank on a panel “Scent of a Woman’s Ink: Gender Bias in Publishing.

The Story of a Writers Workshop: Lighthouse Shines in Denver

Everyone has a story to tell. For the past 16 years, Denver's Lighthouse Writers Workshop has made sure those stories were told through the written word. Offering workshops, literary events and more, Lighthouse in landlocked Colorado provides a guiding light to literary types by promoting engagement, growth and connection among writers and readers.


Nanobrewery Boom in Denver: Everything Big Gets Small Again

Colorado's craft brewing industry has created some of the biggest fish in the microbrewery pond. The growth has catalyzed a brewing ecosystem, as the big fish have spawned many little fish. Nanobreweries are opening up in Denver at a very swift clip. But one question remains: What is a nanobrewery?

The After Party at the Bridge has booked Nathaniel Rateliff with Born in the Flood and FLASH/LIGHTS, an experimental electro-pop act from RiNo.

After Party on the Bridge Makes Fundraising Cool (and Affordable)

The After Party on the Bridge is a casual and hip alternative on Sept. 13 to the more refined Gala on the Bridge in Riverfront Park on Sept. 12. Co-Host Jorgen Jensen says it's all about getting younger people involved with The Greenway Foundation.

block party

'70s-themed CU Denver Block Party Celebrates 40 Years

The second annual CU Denver Block Party is taking over the 1400 block of Lawrence Street from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thurs. Aug. 22. Dust off your tube tops and leisure suits to celebrate the university's 40th birthday with students, staff and alumni.

The Denver Fashion Truck sets up shop at The Bug Theatre in northwest Denver.

Pop-Up Fashion: Denver Retailers Go Mobile

Taking note of the food-truck boom, Denver Fashion Truck and Brick & Mortar General Store have adapted a mobile business model for their own entrepreneurial endeavors. Moving away from traditional brick-and-mortar stores, these local retailers are opting for a movable shopping experience.

Donor Funds

Donor-Advised Funds Drive Denver Giving

While foundations and other aid organizations generate most of the attention in the charity scene, Colorado philanthropists are increasingly turning to a relatively new vehicle -- donor-advised funds -- to efficiently and effectively dole out their charitable contributions. And they're not alone: According to the latest figures from the National Philanthropic Trust, assets in donor-advised fund accounts grew by $5.5 billion in 2011 to a total of $37.4 billion for the year.


Colfax Avenue Visions

Colfax Avenue is a 26-mile ribbon of blacktop running through the heart of Denver. This photo essay offers a glimpse in the everyday sights of the city's most urban street. 


Tactical Urbanism's DIY Impact in Denver

Think downtown Denver needs more protected bike lanes? Or that Broadway could use more patio space? Some Denverites aren't waiting for change -- they're planning it and doing it themselves.

MTP thumb

Millennial Trains Project Rolls through Denver

The Millennial Trains Project is an incubator for the Millennial Generation on rails. It just stopped in Denver for 30 hours of mentoring, mingling and working on the participants' crowdfunded entrepreneurial projects.

The juice at Vibrant Earth is made overnight by her staff in a local commercial kitchen and is about 98% organic.

Two Raw Juiceries Pressing Forward Locally

Raw pressed juice is taking off nationally, and Denver is home to two standout raw juiceries in Vibrant Earth, complete with a mobile juice truck, and The Juicing Tree in Park Hill. 

Seventy percent of deicing fluids is collected and a good portion is recycled and reused into other products.

The Green Dream: For Waste, Zero is the Magic Number

You could say at the Denver Zoo and Denver International Airport, waste is not garbage. After all, both organizations are working toward goals of zero waste to landfills. But as with many initiatives, it's about the journey, not just the destination.

Staunton State Park is less than an hour from Denver.

Going Wild with Great Outdoors Colorado

Great Outdoors Colorado was key to the creation of the state's newest state park, Staunton State Park, less than a one-hour drive from downtown Denver. Find out how Colorado Lottery dollars are used through Great Outdoors Colorado to make the state a playground for one and all. 

The space consists of a 9,000-square-foot gallery and a 5,000-square-foot gallery, plus a classroom and plenty of storage space.

MSU Denver's Center for Visual Art Anchors Art District

Working artists and students mingle and collaborate at the constantly evolving Metro State Center for Visual Art at 965 Santa Fe Dr. Currently on display are two exhibits featuring works by arts educators, with an emphasis on process.

"I See What You Mean" aka Blue Bear is a piece of public art at the Colorado Convention Center.

Art for the Masses: Denver's Public Art Program Turns 25

If you're adamantly opposed to PDAs -- that's public displays of art, not affection -- you've probably landed in the wrong city. With a current collection of about 330 public pieces, some commissioned on the taxpayer's dime, others privately funded, Denver's amassed approximately three-fourths the amount of public art lining New York's streets, and that's only the beginning of the story.

Blue Ox artist renderings.

Creative Placemaking Reframes How We See Cities

In Denver's Curtis Park neighborhood, Wonderbound and Junction Box have emerged as a template for a national movement. Today's placemakers are thinking outside of the box when it comes to urban renewal.


Noonan! Caddyshack Hits Larimer Square

Caddyshack is playing outdoors at Larimer Square on Thurs. Aug. 1 as part of the Ultimate Dining Event. Grease is coming up on Sept. 12.

Confluence C blue

Confluence Denver Reader Survey

Take 30 seconds to tell us how we're doing covering Denver's creatives, entrepreneurs and city builders.

Brian Corrigan's "Oh Heck Yeah" project will transform Champa St. between 14th and 16th Avenues.

Meet Brian Corrigan, Denver's "Oh Heck Yeah" Phenom

From "Aha!" to "Oh Heck Yeah" and everything in between, "Community Change Agent" Brian Corrigan is transforming downtown Denver in ways that the city has never imagined. And his creative vision has earned him admirers -- and probably makes his former sixth grade teacher very proud.

The Sun Valley Youth Center has been in operation since 1998.

Sun Valley: Diversity, Change and Consequences

Sun Valley is Colorado's poorest neighborhood, but big investments are on the way in the form of transit-oriented development and relocating creative businesses. How can the neighborhood balance its traditional diversity with the change that is afoot?
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