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Cleo Park Robinson is an intergral part of Denver's artistic evolution.

Cleo Parker Robinson: Denver's Modern Dance Pioneer

Smack-dab in the middle of "flyover country," Denver may not strike outsiders as a likely destination for artists and performers, but the city has grown to become a hotbed for creative energy. Born and bred in Denver, Cleo Parker Robinson is not surprised by this artistic explosion. She's been an integral part of its evolution through her cutting-edge dance company, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble.

A work by former owner Jack Jensen hangs on Mutiny's wall.

Mutiny Information Cafe Revolts Against Digital Formats in Baker

Jim Norris, Matt Megyesi and Joe Ramirez have turned Jack Jensen's old Mutiny Now! bookstore in Baker into Mutiny Information Cafe, a 24-hour spot that's a used bookstore -- and much more.

Chickens ready for sale by one vendor at the livestock exchange.

Backyard Farming Boom: Denver Urban Homesteading

Denver Urban Homesteading, a year-round farmers market and livestock exchange, is taking root in central Denver. The facility from James and Irina Bertini also offers classes on everything from beekeeping to gardening to beer brewing.

“Refugium” by Linda Fleming.

Denver Botanic Gardens Showcases Colorado Sculptors and All Things Local

Go local at the Denver Botanic Gardens this summer where the emphasis is on Colorado sculptors and other local artists -- and there are plenty of other ways that the gardens are showcasing the best of native plants and foods. 


A Monster of an Auction on First Friday in Berkeley

Tenn Street Art is hosting Monster Makers on this upcoming First Friday. The event features an auction of local artists' interpretations of A Monster to Love, which donates an identical monster to a child in need for every one purchased.

The abandoned Gates Rubber Company factory.

Denver's High Line? Opportunities and Challenges at Gates and Shattuck Sites

Denver has plowed $28 million into sprucing up South Broadway. Now local landowners and residents are hoping that a renewed interest in the area will lead to a revitalization along the lines of RiNo and LoDo, but there's a need for residential projects at the Gates and Shattuck sites for the population to hit a critical mass. How could industrial reuse and redevelopment here mirror the High Line in New York?

Every Wednesday, Deer Pile hosts a comedy night.

Deer Pile: Rethinking the Comedy Venue

Denver's comedy scene has a reputation for producing experimental and innovative performers. About a year ago, a unique venue called the Deer Pile opened and emerged as a perfectly matched showcase for local jokers -- not to mention a pretty funny painting on the wall.

Erik Mitisek of the Colorado Technology Association and the Denver skyline.

Rise of the Rest: It's Not Just Silicon Valley Anymore

From the price of real estate to the 24/7 culture, has Silicon Valley jumped the shark? Ask many keen observers of technology communities from coast to coast, and they'll tell you that 2013 is prime time for startups to bloom in cities like Denver, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and other cities.

Green Space

One Day @ Green Spaces Colorado

A day in the life of Green Spaces Colorado, Denver's most sustainable coworking space. It's home to such companies as Galaxy Unite, OneSeed Expeditions and Electful.com.

Matter owner Rick Griffith has been in the letterpress industry for 20 years.

Letterpress Defies Digital Age in Denver

The letterpress movement sweeping the nation does a healthy business in Denver, where locals enthusiastically covet all things handmade. The time-tested process has managed an unexpected revival as typographers at MATTER and other shops honor the historical roots of printing as they create distinctive works on heirloom presses.


Denver, Meet Denmark: Mirroring Copenhagen

Denver could learn a lot from Copenhagen about city-building on a human scale, just as the Danish city could stand to gain by looking to some of Denver's hyper-local industries for inspiration. The potential sister cities have plenty in common, as well as stark differences.


One World One Water Offers Unique Minor in Water Studies at MSU Denver

Under the leadership of Director Tom Cech, the new One World One Water Center at MSU Denver offers students in all departments a unique minor in water studies.

Brian Colonna as Titus Andronicus in Titus Andronicus the Muscial!

Buntport's Wild Ride

Buntport Theater Company has boldly marked its creative territory for the past dozen years, establishing itself as the kookiest and most inventive theater troupe in Denver. Debuting on April 12: A Knight to Remember: A Quest to Boldly Recapture the Past, by Brian Colonna.

Tonya Tooley shows the compost signs the group designed.

Zero-Waste Bottling: Coke and CSU's Green Prototype in Denver

Colorado State University and Coca-Cola are two years into a 10-year agreement to make bottling more sustainable. A small group of students are helping Denver's Coca-Cola plant become a global leader in green bottling.

A rendering of the Mariposa redevelopment in La Alma/Lincoln Park.

Denver -- Walkable City of the Future?

Denver nabs respectable rankings in city walkability surveys, but how can the city make itself even more pedestrian-friendly and people-centric? There's a long list of interesting possibilities, from artistic crosswalks to wider sidewalks to wayfinding signs. One problem: They all cost money, and pedestrian projects command less than two percent of transportation budgets.

Kenton Kuhn takes a finished product out of the printer.

Future Now: 3D Printing in Denver

3D printing might just change the world, and Denver is on the leading edge. In November 2012, Debra Wilcox and Kenton Kuhn recognized the need for a three-dimensional printing shop and opened The 3D Printing Store in northeast Denver. The cutting-edge technology has uses in prototyping and manufacturing, but customers also include artists and hobbyists.

Never Summer Industries makes more than 120 snowboards a day.

Make It in Denver: Manufacturing Re-Shored

Exports of manufactured goods in Colorado grew 5.7 percent during the past decade, generating $6.7 billion in 2011. And those in the industry agree that the market likely will continue to expand as more companies see the benefits of making goods locally.

Swathi Kompella aims to cure Alzheimer's

Swathi Kompella, 12, Works to Cure Alzheimer's and Parkinson's with Stem Cells

What were you doing when you were 12 years old? TEDxYouth@MileHigh Speaker Swathi Kompella is working on stem-cell cures for brain diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Food Coop

Is Denver the Next Boulder? Natural Foods Industry Hitting Critical Mass

Many organic and natural food companies have opted for Denver over Boulder, including MM Local, High Plains Food Cooperative and Grower's Organic. Could Denver ever rival Boulder, the "50-yard line" of the industry, as a natural foods hub?

Dancers with the Wonderbound dance company.

Wonderbound Leaps into a New Journey: The Former Ballet Nouveau Trades Broomfield for RiNo

The re-imagining of Ballet Nouveau's professional dance company into Wonderbound isn't just about a new name, logo or an address change, but something much more. Artistic Director Garrett Ammon is spearheading an inspired creative movement to move beyond conversation and have Wonderbound serve as an ambassador of possibilities for the city.


One Day @ Battery621

A day in the life of Battery621, the collaborative offices for numerous snow-centric companies alongside creative and renegade businesses of all kinds. The diverse tenant roster include ski-makers Icelantic Skis and creative businesses like Wink Inc. and The Public Works.

A linocut by Charly Fasano of the Brown Palace.

Denver: Fast Geek Press Publishes Wild-Eyed Ode to City

Poet Ken Arkind and linocut artist Charly Fasano have published Denver, a  poetic, booze-soaked odyssey through our fair city. They've got a full slate of events through the weekend, including exhibitions, readings and a concert.

Jolt, a Denver graffiti artist, poses in his studio space.

Guerilla Gardening with Jolt, Denver Street Artist Deluxe

Looking for Denver's best art? Check the museums and galleries, but according to Jolt, a rising star in the local public art scene, all you really need to do is walk around the city, because the best stuff is out there and free to behold, right in the public eye.


Georgia O'Keeffe Exhibit Cements Denver's Status as Western Art Hub

The Denver Art Museum's current Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit shines the spotlight on how Denver has become the place to see Western American art. Georgia O'Keeffe in New Mexico: Architecture, Katsinam, and the Land is the Denver Art Museum's first exhibit of this iconic artist's paintings. 


DSTILL Celebrates Craft Spirits and Cocktails

With the American Distilling Institute in Denver for its annual confab, DSTILL takes over the McNichols building in Civic Center Park on Wed. April 3 for a night of craft spirits and cocktails. Organizers hope to turn it into an annual event. Amidst the hoopla, will Denver's real cocktail please stand up?

AlchemyAPI CEO Elliot Turner touts the benefits of local funding.

After Drought, Venture Capital Flowing in Denver

Recent research shows Colorado companies pulled in roughly $560 million in venture capital last year. Although Boulder continues to lead the state in terms of VC interest and activity, Denver is quickly beginning to hold its own in the race to attract high-tech startups and the VC firms willing to invest in those companies.

Food Trucks

Keep on Trucking: Food Truck Row Hits Denver's Streets

Rumor has it a new food truck is unleashed on Colorado every four days. The trendy trucks are the hottest thing to hit the food industry since Jamie Oliver -- but most of them struggle. Food Truck Row is on a mission to bolster the industry by bringing together high-quality, gourmet trucks.

Iron Pour

Indulge Your Pyrophilia: Bond with Fire at Iron Pour

Pouring molten iron is something of a dying art, but it's alive and well at CU Denver. Coming up on March 22 is Iron Pour II, a free public spectacle of fire and iron.

The University of Denver's Lamont Symphony Orchestra.

Free Summer Concerts Music to Denver's Ears -- and Wallets

In a budget-conscious era, free summer concerts around the city are not only providing a bargain for attendees, they help create a sense of place in Denver. While the music events continue to grow and new ones appear on the radar every year, putting on the shows is serious work for concert organizers -- and it costs serious money -- but it pays off in a variety of ways.

Helene Kwong goes over a University of Denver student's resume at TAOpivot.

Teaching Denver into a New Era: Three Edu-Tech Startups

Through new technology and fresh ideas, several Denver startups are taking education to the next level. CaptainU, Monkey Zone and TAOpivot are bringing new technologies to different niches in education.


Notes from the Rocky Mountain West Urban Leadership Symposium

The third Rocky Mountain West Urban Leadership Symposium (RMWULS) took place Feb. 27 at the Hyatt Regency at the Colorado Convention Center. The Downtown Denver Partnership served as the host organization for the city-building event's 450 attendees, including a who's who of political, business and civic leaders from all over the Rockies.


RiNo Rising: Brighton Boulevard and the Transformation of River North

A ragtag band of artists, backed by a handful of friendly developers and a few hundred million dollars, are working to make the River North neighborhood, a.k.a. RiNo, a destination to rival LoDo. Their progress can be measured not only by rising land values (growing from $6 per square foot to $50 in 12 years) but also by development on once-blighted Brighton Boulevard.


Eat Like a Caveman: Denver Emerging as Paleolithic Diet Center

Many Americans are embracing a more ancestral approach to eating, favoring a Paleolithic diet that is rich in fresh meats, fish, fruits and vegetables -- the way nature intended. Denver is leading the trend, making Paleo more accessible and delicious than ever before.

Galvanize hot seats (below) and stations (above).

One Day @ Galvanize

A day in the life of Galvanize. The unique coworking facility from Jim Deters, Chris Onan and others is ground zero for Denver's startup boom. Four months in, 68 companies and 250 people are working here, and a who's who of local investors and entrepreneurs keep regular office hours here.


Making Denver the Next Great Place for Innovation

As the Central Platte Valley's NextGreatPlace reimagines the travel agency for the 21st century, Co-Founders Erik Mitisek and Tom Filippini are bent on making Denver the next great place for innovation and entrepreneurship.


Students Run the Show at MSU Denver's New Teaching Hotel

Denver is now home to the state's only teaching hotel in the SpringHill Suites by Marriott Denver Downtown at Metro State. One of only eleven teaching hotels in the country, the state-of-the-art facility includes a unique natural light sensory analysis laboratory, cellar management laboratory and classroom, and the hotel itself is adorned with artwork by students and alumni of the school. 

Platte Forum

PlatteForum Capping Decade of Arts in Denver with unGala

In the Central Platte Valley, PlatteForum established Denver's first artist-in-residency program in 2002. About 70 artists have since worked at the organization's Riverfront Park facility, and thousands of at-risk kids have taken part in its outreach programs. It's celebrating its 10-year anniversary with the decidedly unconventional unGala on Saturday March 9.

The Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center.

Doors Open Denver to Showcase City Beautiful

This year's theme for Doors Open Denver, coming up in April, celebrates the historic City Beautiful movement. Highlights include the recently restored McNichols building, the new Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center and the Zen Center of Denver.

B-cyclists buzzing the Denver City and County Building.

Denver Transportation, Part Three: B-cycle, Where the Rubber Meets the Road

What happens when thousands of affordable rental bikes, more than 300 sunny days, an advocacy group, hundreds of miles of bike paths and a cheerleading mayor converge on an idea? Denver B-cycle, the nation's first citywide automated bike-sharing program.

S. Broadway

"Spine of the City" Gets Makeover as $28 Million South Broadway Project Nears Completion

In July 2009, Denver Public Works embarked on a $28 million rebuild of South Broadway. Nearly four years later, the project is on the verge of completion. What's next for Denver's main street?

Tender Belly owners Erik, left, and Shannon Duffy.

Tender Belly: Bringing Home the Best Bacon

Bacon makes everything better, especially business prospects for Tender Belly, started by two brothers from Iowa with nothing more than $600, a 10-year-old curing recipe and a distaste for "pink" pigs.


Denver Transportation, Part Two: Front Range Rail

While Utah and New Mexico have commuter rail up and running, Colorado works to set a vision in stone.

CU Denver's Mini-STEM brings science to the masses.

Mini-STEM Tackles the Big Questions at CU Denver

The origin of life? Dark matter? Climate change and water (or lack thereof)? The Mini-STEM School by CU Denver has a free public lecture on it.

Car Share

Denver Transportation, Part One: Car and Ride Sharing

Denver residents are taking a pole position in the trend that has nearly one million Americans ditching the hassle of car ownership in favor of car- and ride-sharing services.

The aquaponics system is reflected in the tilapia tank at The GrowHaus.

Quenching Denver's Food Deserts

While Denver is ranked as one of the healthiest cities in the country, one-sixth of its residents live in food deserts without access to fresh, healthy food. Numerous local organizations are working to change this.

Art of Winter

More than 40 Denver Artists in Throes of Art of Winter

For the third year in a row, Denver artists, restaurants, designers and entrepreneurs collaborate with the snow industry for a three-week placemaking experiment called the Art of Winter


Marketing the Arts to a 21st Century Audience

3D shows? Popcorn and free beer? Gen Xers and Millennials aren't turning out for performing arts events like previous generations, but Denver arts organizations are creatively reversing that trend. 

Denver Derby guests.

DIY Events Take Flight in Denver

With plenty of drive and motivation, not to mention a dash of luck, young event producers have become a new kind of innovator. Whether it's an Olympic-sized race or simply a day showcasing creativity, these events are quickly filling up Denver's social calendar while giving back to the community. 


Coworking Community Unites with Denver Coworks

Denver is one of only five cities with a coworking coalition designed to promote its plethora of coworking spaces while also creating a vast coworking community. In December, Denver joined Seattle, Toronto, Boulder and Austin in its efforts to foster a tight group of freelancers via a coworking coalition. 

Panzano's executive chef Elise Wiggins carries out a butchered and cured pig that will be baked and served as suckling porchetta.

Denver's Farm-to-Table Movement Outlasts the Trend

During the last few years, there’s been an increased emphasis on using local products and sustainable practices in Denver restaurants. Unlike other cities, Denver has brought these practices all the way up the food chain from fast food to fine dining. 
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