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Stapleton's first neighborhood north of I-70 under way

Forest City Enterprises Inc. is beginning the buildout of Conservatory Green, its eighth neighborhood at Stapleton. 

Conservatory Green will be the first of future neighborhoods north of Interstate 70 that will ultimately double the size of Stapleton, a master-planned community on the site of Denver’s former airport.

"While Conservatory Green has its own unique identity, it will offer the same quality of life that has made our community one of the nation’s most successful urban infill projects," says John Lehigh, chief executive of Forest City. "We have gleaned key lessons from the build-out of past neighborhoods to create the next evolution of life at Stapleton and carry Denver’s roots forward with some extraordinary new ideas."

Conservatory Green will offer all the amenities Stapleton is known for, including award-winning schools, year-round community events and homes available in every style and price range. The new neighborhood also will have acres of parks and open space that integrate into the landscape.

There will be a variety of energy-efficient homes to choose from, many of which offer ways for residents to incorporate urban agriculture into their lifestyles. The garden-ready approach ranges from options for attached greenhouses to double-entry garages with doors wide enough for wheelbarrows.

Garden Court homes will have garden beds on courtyards where neighbors can gather to harvest fruits and vegetables. Stapleton has appointed Bryant Mason, founder of Urban Farm Co., to be chief gardening officer and share his expertise with residents.

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